hand made soaps

Handmade Soaps

Hand crafted soaps made with love, unscented or with a touch of essential oils give you a great texture and mild scent. Using traditional „cold process“ they are ready to use after 4-6 weeks. They are SLS free!

hand made soaps

Timeless Fashion

Pumpking shuffle, lemon zest, carrot pure, cinnamon & orange or fresh berries? There are variety of fresh handmade seasonal soaps created with fresh fruits and vegies. It’s all about harmony with seasons!

hand made soaps

Unlimited Combinations

Your lips dry and you are tired of using artificial lip balm products? Try out our special lip balm combinations made from pure bees wax and honey.

hand made soaps

Crafted with Special Care

Love and patience in combination with passion and natural ingredients = range of body products made with special care! Choose the right one.

hand made soaps

Custom Orders

Are you looking for soap for a special occasion? Let’s dive into our wide spectar of melt and pour scented soaps and choose the right one.


Hygiene is inextricably linked to skin care, since industrial soaps and shower gels can we dried skin and make plenty of troubles. Daily use of these preparations can cause tired and chronically dry skin. Hot water in combination with industrial shower gels removes off absolutely everything including the skin of its natural protective layer.

Close to nature

Using the natural soap and natural cosmetics in general we got the idea to try to make a collection of natural products.
Domestic soap is obtained by saponification with the participation of a fatty acid and sodium hydroxide. The so-called natural soap is one that contains only natural ingredients such as olive oil, virgin coconut oil, castor oil, herbal infusions and natural butters like shea, mango and cocoa butter.


The good side of homemade natural soap is to wash your skin well (do not expect to hydrate your skin so much) but at the same time not to remove its protective layer.
For everything else, there are natural products such as creams and body butters that are responsible for our skin hydration.