About shaving

Shaving cream is a substance applied to the skin to facilitate removal of hair. Shaving cream softens and moistens the skin and the hair, thus making shaving more comfortable and contributing to smoother skin. Shaving with a modern bar of soap approximates shaving with cream but doesn’t provide all of the benefits: soap is only…

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Whale baby shower soaps

How I craft lovely whale baby soaps   1.We cut the base with a knife 2. In small cubes to melt faster 3.Then into the microwave for 2-3 minutes to melt completely, adding the desires color and fragrance oil 4.Spritz with rubbing alcohol the base and the mould 5. Cutting with desired cookie mould 6. Packing…

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Little man party time!

soaps for birthdays

It’s a time for a little gentleman party! Take a look at our steps    1.Cutting the melt & pour ready made soap base 2. Adding the pigment or non-bleeding soap colorant and fragrance 3. Spritz with rubbing alcohol the base and the mould 4. Leaving at room temperature to cool completely 5. Cutting with moustache…

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